About Us

Applewhite Adoptions is a domestic adoption agency that provides compassionate, confidential, and trustworthy services to our clientele. We work to find the most fitting child for each home, as well as the most fitting home for each child. We serve to secure placement for children whom are waiting for families to adopt them. Applewhite Adoptions extends their services to families that would not normally know how to navigate the state websites or how to pursue adoption on their own. We inform families on the adoption process and prepare them to adopt a child.

Pamela and Kenyatta Applewhite (Executive Director and Board Chairman) received the calling to start the agency around the year of 2014. The goal of the agency is to match hard-to-place children in loving, compassionate, and caring homes. The Applewhites received the mandate of God to serve orphans according to Deutoronomy 10:18 and have experience in the field as foster and adoptive parents. They are excited to share not only their lives but experiences with families and children. The Applewhites invite families looking to share their love and home with children to contact them for assistance with the matching process.

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Pamela Applewhite, PhD

Executive Director
Home Study Investigator 1643-095
Case Worker


Patricia Hill, BA

Contract Social Worker
Home Study Investigator 1708-095